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Beast medal

Road to the BEast

An epic documentary of hard work, persistence and heart break, told over the course of a year


Confessions of a Reluctant Hunter

Stories about the outdoors, hunting, and  our sometimes unfortunate interactions with nature.

3 of swords.jpg

3 of Swords

One man's struggle against the cards of fate, and how he copes when dealt a difficult hand 

When the Natoon had won every contest ag


This section is my attempt at writing my own original myths.  As you will read in the introduction to "Creation" I had my reasons and inspiration.  


Beau Hulgan has his Masters degree in Literature from Texas State University. Currently he is a high school English Special Education Teacher in Austin, Texas where he lives with his wife and children.  Beau has many short stories and two novels he is in the process of publishing. 

"I am a husband, father, teacher, writer, just looking out the window of the proverbial train of life. I’m trying not to be cliche, but what the hell am I supposed to write about me?  I’ve got some writing projects going and the purpose of this site is mostly to advertise them and my writing journey. Oh, I’ll throw in some weird adventures, teaching randomness, and just straight randomness, so don’t think this is a stuffy “here’s what I think about writing” blog while I puff on my pipe in my turtle neck petting my cat. No, this is an experiment, just like all writing. Take it or leave it. Follow or don’t. I apologize in advance for any typos. Be aware there might be some F bombs (that’s ‘fuck’) or some adult talk (like drugs, sex, and rock and roll) because that’s what adults do.  Oh yeah; Jesus, Buddha, and Odin kick it here too.  They’re all drinking some killer meade Christ fashioned out of Colorado River water.  Also, be forewarned: everything has a place to be made fun of here …including you."

There’s my disclaimer.  Hope you enjoy.




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